MSE-704 3D Electron Microscopy and FIB-Nanotomography

Next FIB Doctoral School

The 3D Electron Microscopy and FIB-Nanotomography doctoral school MSE-704 is held once per year in the spring semester.

The next running of the course will be in Summer 2020 semester from 6-8 July 2020.

To register for the course please contact your doctoral program.

Summer 2020

Dates: 6-8 July (will be a zoom on-line course)

1 credit

To register for the course please contact your Doctoral Program secretary.

Exam date: report




Understand the principles of 3D surface (SEM) and volume (SEM/FIB and TEM) reconstruction by electron microscopy. Know the possibilities and limitations of the different techniques for materials science applications.

Electron microscopes deliver only 2D information in a single image. The 3rd dimension is often left to the interpretation by the observer. Different techniques have been developed to use 2 or more images to reconstruct the 3rd dimension. To investigate and analyze the complex structures produced by micro- and nano-technology 3D electron microscopy is offering power-ful methods. The resolution of modern electron microscopes and the possibility to choose be-tween different signals make them versatile tools for the exploration of the micro- and nano-cosmos.


  • Physics of the different signals generated by electron beams and focused ion beams.
  • Underlying physical principles for the acquisition of data sets for 3D reconstruction: interaction volumes, voxel (3 dimensional “pixel”) size, mechanical stability issues for successful recon-struction.
  • Surface reconstruction (SEM), serial (parallel) sectioning (SEM/FIB and TEM), tilt series tomo-graphy (TEM).
  • Introduction to the use of software packages for 3D surface and volume reconstruction.
  • Practical session about 3D volume reconstruction by FIB nano-tomography.

Required prior knowledge:

  • Background in electron microscopy: electron microscopy lecture 5 sem.
  • Bachelor level or doctoral school SEM&TEM or equivalent.

Homework, papers to read

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