MSE-735 | Scanning and Analytical Transmission Electron Microscopy

This intensive course is offered each Spring semester and discusses advanced TEM techniques such as: scanning TEM; analytical TEM using EELS and EDX; aberration corrected imaging; and image simulation. It is intended for researchers who have taken the introductory TEM course MSE-637 or who have a good background in conventional TEM.


This 1 credit scanning and analytical TEM doctoral school MSE-735 is held every two years in the spring semester.

The next running of the course will take place on 28th – 30th of August 2023.

Program and lecture notes will become available on Moodle.

Please register via IS-Academia, or contact [email protected].


1) To know the standard methods available for chemical analysis in a TEM.
2) To understand the image contrast formation in scanning transmission electron microscopy (BF, DF, HAADF).
3) To understand physical processes behind X-Ray analysis in a TEM.
4) To understand the physical processes behind Electron Energy Loss spectrometry in a TEM.
5) To assess applicability of each of the technique presented, depending on the problem to be solved.
6) To be able to understand a paper using one of those technique .


This intensive course is intended for researchers who are potential new users of transmission electron microscopes and have followed the introductory doctoral course on TEM (or equivalent) or have already a good background in conventional transmission electron microscopy. It will provide them with a basic understanding of the methods, relying on an explanation of the physics at play.

Demonstrations will be given on the microscopes.