Zeiss Merlin



The Zeiss Merlin is an ultra-high resolution FE-SEM (Field Emission SEM). The Gemini II column allows scanning modes with different probe currents; from few pA for high resolution imaging up to 300 nA for analytical purposes.

Equipped with:

  • standard Everhart-Thornley secondary-electron (SE) detector;
  • Gemini II column with Inlens (SE) and EsB (Energy selective BSE) detectors;
  • insertable 4 quadrant backscattered electron (BSE) detector;
  • insertable annular dark and bright STEM detector;
  • two Oxford Instruments EDX detectors:
    • X-max80 (standard)
    • X-max Extreme (windowless detector – EDX data collection at very low kV (e.g. 1kV – 3kV), Li detection)
  • Optional: EBIC measurement