Teneo SEM – LowVAC

Installed in spring 2015, the Teneo is an advanced Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) instrument that offers unprecedented contrast and versatility to metals researchers, and nanotechnology researchers working with a variety of materials and devices. Teneo is a Schottky Field Emission SEM that combines high- and low-voltage ultra-high resolution capabilities with a non-immersion lens design together with a low vacuum mode (up to 50 Pa) for charge compensation on non-conductive material.


Features and specifications:

  • Voltage: 0.2-30 keV Schottky FEG
  • Beam current: 1 pA to 400 nA
  • SEM resolution: 1 nm at 30 kV; 1.6 nm at 1 kV
  • Beam deceleration mode
  • Partial vacuum: 10-50 Pa
  • Pixel density: 768 x 512, 1536 x 1024, 3072 x 2048, 6144 x 4096



  • Standard secondary-electron Everhart-Thornley detector (SED)
  • Trinity detection system, comprised of a segmented, lower in-lens detector (T1), an upper in-lens detector (T2) and an in-column detector (T3)
  • Dedicated Low Vacuum secondary electron detector to provide charge-free topographic contrast imaging of non-conductive samples
  • XFlash Silicon drift EDX detector