Helios G4 PFIB UXe

Helios G4 PFIB UXe is dedicated to large volume 3D characterization, cross sectioning, Ga+ free TEM sample preparation and precise micromachining.


  • Elstar™ SEM Electron Column with high-current UC+ monochromator technology – ultimate image resolution at
    low beam energies
  • Xenon Plasma FIB (PFIB 2.0) Column
    • FIB current range: 10 pA – 2.5 μA
  • Gas injection system: C, Pt, W
  • Detectors:
    • ETD (Everhart Thornley Detector) – secondary electron (SE) and backscatter electron (BSE) mode
    • TLD (Through Lens Detector) – SE and BSE collection
    • ICE – collects secondary ions (SI) or electrons (SE, BSE)
    • ICD (In-Column Detector) – detects BSE scattered close to the electron beam axis, it provides high Z-contrast signal
    • UltraDry EDS detector