The CIME is EPFL’s central facility in electron microscopy dedicated to studies in solid-state physics, material science, chemistry, and life sciences.
CIME is currently equipped with 17 instruments (7 TEM, 8 SEM/FIB), providing a wide range of electron microscopy techniques and scientific support to all persons interested in electron microscopy. CIME guarantees to all EPFL research groups, external academics, as well as industry partners (under non-disclosure agreement) to get access to the best-suited technique for their purpose.
Since the inauguration of Energypolice campus of EPFL in Valais, CIME has been committed to providing service and scientific support to EPFL-Valais research groups. For this purpose, CIME has a satellite platform in EPFL-Valais. Equipped with a probe-corrected S/TEM (Spectra 200), a high-resolution low-vacuum SEM (Teneo) and a TEM (Tecnai Spirit 120 kV), CIME-Valais offers various imaging and analytical techniques.

New users of EPFL-Valais can contact Dr. Emad Oveisi in order to discuss the specific needs. Users willing to receive training on the instruments are requested to visit CIME training page. A sufficient theoretical background and basic understandings of the relevant electron microscopy technique are the prerequisites for the training.

We are always open to discuss the specific demands of our users that may go beyond standard measurements. If you need the expertise and competence of the electron microscopy center but you do not want to become a fully trained user, scientific support is provided in designing and carrying your experiments
Should you have any questions concerning the usage of our facilities in Lausanne and Sion, you are welcome to contact CIME.

CIME-Valais office-hours:

Monday and/or Friday mornings from 9h30 to 11h00 (depending on availability), Alp 3006.
During the office-hours, you can meet with Dr. Emad Oveisi to discuss your training or service request. Please note that all service/training requests should first be discussed during office-hours.