Tecnai G2 Spirit Twin

Installed in spring 2015, the ThermoFisher Scientific Tecnai G2 Spirit Twin is a high-resolution Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) that covers a range of applications, from materials research and nanotechnology to life sciences. The TWIN lens allows for imaging at both moderate and high magnifications. The instrument is suitable for both conventional bright-field/dark-field and high resolution TEM imaging, as well as for acquiring selected area electron diffraction patterns. The Tecnai G2 Spirit offers a high-level of automation through for example automated gun alignments and automated correction of focus and astigmatism variations. The Spirit combines excellent performance with optimized ease-of-use.


Features and specifications:

  • 80-120 kV LaB6 gun
  • 0.204 nm line resolution
  • Lens-coupled 4-megapixel Gatan Orius SC200D camera
  • Equipped with standard single and double tilt specimen holders