Tecnai F20 Cryo


Installed in a cooperation of CIME with Petr Leiman/LBBS and UNIL in late 2011, and operational since early 2012, the FEI Tecnai F20 Cryo is dedicated to cryo, biological, low dose imaging and tomographic TEM applications. The 200 kV field emission gun offers high coherency, with images being recorded on a high sensitivity 4k x 4k pixel CCD camera. It also offers STEM capabilities.

  • 80-200 kV FEG
  • 0.27nm point resolution / 0.16 nm information limit
  • Low dose imaging mode and cryo transfer capability
  • Tomography with +/- 70° tilt range
  • 4k x 4k FEI Eagle CCD camera with high sensitivity scintillator
  • STEM mode with bright field, annular dark field, and high angle annular dark field (HAADF) detectors (0.24 nm HAADF STEM resolution)
  • Specimen holders: Gatan 626 single tilt Cyro tomography; FEI standard single tilt and single tilt tomography; Fischione single tilt rotation for dual axis tomography


Image on the right: Low dose image of psi92 bacteriophage courtesy of Petr Leiman/LBBS.