Industrial service

Microscopy for industry

As well as participating in collaborative academic-industry research projects such as those funded by the CTI, CIME can provide straightforward electron microscopy services to industrial clients. Below are given indicative costs of these services, including provision of an operator (before tax). For any enterprise interested in such services please contact Dr. Marco Cantoni for an offer.


Industrial tarifs (without VTA)

Equipment class


hourly fee

with CIME operator

high-end TEM Titan Themis 450 Fr./h 610 Fr./h
Advanced TEM Talos-S, Osiris, JEOL 2200FS, TF-20 300 Fr. /h  460 Fr./h
Basic TEM Spirit G2, Bio-Spirit, Bio-Talos 200 Fr./h 360 Fr./h
SEM / FIB all SEM and FIB
CL and TriView
250 Fr./h 410 Fr./h
Service / reporting Staff 160 Fr./h