CIME team

 CIME’s experienced staff helps all people interested in electron microscopy to advance their research. Discover your CIME team.

Director of CIME

CIME Administrative Staff

Senior Scientific Staff

Scientific Staff, Microscopy Experts

FIB & TEM trainings and services (20%)

[email protected]

+41 21 6934827

MXC 115

TEM & TEM-EDX trainings and services, high-end-TEM

[email protected]

+41 21 6934430

MXC 133

Technical staff

SEM trainings, IT support, maintenance

[email protected]

+41 21 6932990

MXC 019


CIME Visitors and Affiliates

LSME group members

Prof. Philippe Buffat

Dr. Graham Knott (PT-BioEM)

Dr. Aïcha Hessler-Wyser (PV-lab EPFL)

Dr. Quentin Jeangros (PV-lab EPFL)

Dr. Sorin Lazar (FEI Company, Eindhoven)


Dr. Robin Schäublin (SCOPEM ETHZ)

Prof. Pierre Stadelmann (JEMS – SAAS)

Dr. Thomas LaGrange

Prof. Nadine Baluc