CIME team

 CIME’s experienced staff helps all people interested in electron microscopy to advance their research. Discover your CIME team.

Director of CIME

CIME Administrative Staff

Senior Scientific Staff

EPFL-Campus “hub”, TEM & TEM-EDX trainings and services, high-end-TEM

[email protected]

+41 21 6934430

MXC 133

CIME-Sion “hub”, high-end TEM

[email protected]

+41 21 695 8226

I17-1 J4

Scientific Staff, Microscopy Experts

FIB/SEM & SEM-EDX trainings and services

[email protected]

+41 21 6935427

MXC 115

FIB & TEM trainings and services (20%)

[email protected]

+41 21 6934827

MXC 115

TEM & TEM-EDX trainings and services, high-end-TEM, EELS

[email protected]

+41 21 693 61 88

MXC 134

Technical staff

SEM trainings, IT support, maintenance

[email protected]

+41 21 6932990

MXC 019


CIME Visitors and Affiliates

LSME group members

Prof. Philippe Buffat

Dr. Graham Knott (PT-BioEM)

Dr. Aïcha Hessler-Wyser (PV-lab EPFL)

Dr. Quentin Jeangros (PV-lab EPFL)

Dr. Sorin Lazar (FEI Company, Eindhoven)


Dr. Robin Schäublin (SCOPEM ETHZ)

Prof. Pierre Stadelmann (JEMS – SAAS)

Dr. Thomas LaGrange

Prof. Nadine Baluc