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Past Seminars

Prof. Pete Nellist

Low-dose 2D and 4D STEM imaging of beam-sensitive materials

Dr. Marc Willinger

Observing while it happens

Prof. Christoph Koch

Exploring 2D materials at high resolution, high sensitivity, high speed, high efficiency, and low dose

Prof. Knut Müller-Caspary

Beyond structure and composition: Multidimensional TEM as a key for imaging electric fields, 3D shape and soft matter

Prof. Vasiliki Tileli

Liquid-phase transmission electron microscopy for probing electrochemical-induced processes

Dr. Adrien Teurtrie

Physics-guided NMF for the analysis of STEM/EDXS data : from raw data to quantified chemical phases

Dr. Florent Houdellier

Improving electron microscope capabilities through the design of new cold field emission electron source

Dr. David Cooper

Field mapping in semiconductor devices by transmission electron microscopy

Dr. Lukas Palatinus

Crystal structure determination by 3D electron diffraction

Dr. Mathieu Kociak

Enlightening electrons: detecting and injecting light in a TEM

Prof. Philip Moll

FIB structures of quantum materials: an outlook

Prof. David Muller

Imaging the Properties of Atoms and Fields at the Picometer Scale

Dr. Peter Ercius

Imaging Atomic Structure, Strain, and Disorder By Atomic Electron Tomography