Talos L120C G2


The Talos L120C G2 is a 120kV transmission electron microscope, uniquely designed for performance across a wide range of applications, such as 2D and 3D imaging of cells, cell organelles, polymers and soft materials, both at ambient and cryogenic (liquid nitrogen) temperatures.

Features and Specifications:

  • LaB6 emitter
  • voltages: 20kV to 120kV
  • cryo imaging: retractable cryo box and low dose technique (quality images even for beam sensitive samples)
  • high contrast C-TWIN objective lens
  • high-speed, digital search-and-view camera (SmartCam)
  • Ceta S 16M CMOS camera (4k x 4k)
  • Ceta Speed Enhancement dedicated electronics and storage capability to record 40fps
  • Single-Tilt holder
  • EPU software for automatic acquisition of single particles
  • Velox imaging software
  • TEM line resolution: 0.204 nm
  • TEM point resolution: < 0.37 nm