Tecnai Osiris

Installed in late 2011 and operational since early 2012, the FEI Tecnai Osiris is an analytical TEM instrument optimised for high speed and high sensitivity EDX measurements in STEM mode. The four windowless Super-X SDD EDX detectors integrated into the pole piece allow detection of even 200,000 X-ray counts/s over a 0.9 srad solid angle. By combining this with the high brightness XFEG gun, EDX maps can be acquired in seconds to minutes. With a 11 Mpx Gatan Orius CCD camera, the microscope is also suitable for both conventional BF/DF and high resolution TEM imaging. Also having a BF, two ADF and a HAADF STEM detector that provide a wide range of diffraction and Z-contrast conditions for STEM imaging and analysis, it gives CIME and EPFL a versatile and powerful tool for materials analysis.

  • 80-200 kV high brightness XFEG (5x beam current of standard FEG)
  • A-Twin pole piece with Super-X EDX (4 SDD detectors and 0.9 srad solid angle)
  • 0.24 nm point resolution / 0.14 nm information limit
  • 0.18 nm HAADF STEM resolution
  • 2 nA probe current for EXS studies
  • 4k x 2.6k Gatan Orius CCD camera with large field of view
  • FEI SmartCAM CCD camera instead of conventional flourescent screen
  • BF, DF2, DF4 and HAADF STEM detectors
  • Specimen holders: FEI standard single tilt; FEI low background single tilt; FEI standard double tilt; FEI low background double tilt; Gatan 628 single tilt heating holder; Gatan 643 single tilt analytical holder

Image on right: Friction stir lap welded Al alloy and carbon steel courtesy of H. Najafi (ICMP, EPFL) and M. Movahedi, A.H. Kokabi and S.M. Seyed Reihani of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Sharif University of Technology.