CH-633 | Advanced Solid State and Surface Characterization

Offered every two years, this 2-credit course aims at summarizing a multitude of state-of-the-art characterization methods for thin films, surfaces and nanomaterials. The course consists covers selected topics from thin film X-ray diffraction (GIWAXS, GISAXS, PDF), electronic and optical spectroscopy (XPS, AES, SERS, TERS), scanning probe and electron microscopy (STM, AFM, HRTEM, SEM).


The CH-633 course is held every year in the spring semester. The next course will be given in Spring 2024.

Program and lecture notes will become available on Moodle. Please register via IS-Academia. 


By the end of the course, the student must be able to distinguish broad overview of state-of-the-art methods, choosing and designing method and experiment purposefully


The course will consist of four modules, starting with a brief introduction to the physical, electronic and optical properties of the solid-state, followed by lecturer on X-ray scattering, spectroscopy, Scanning probe microscopy (SPM), and electron microscopy.