Titan Themis

FEI (currently Thermo Fisher Scientific) Titan Themis is a high resolution (scanning) transmission electron microscope.

  • 60-300 kV
  • X-FEG high brightness gun with monochromator; energy spread < 0.2 eV with monochromator activated
  • Cs Double corrector DCOR (CEOS) corrected for aberrations including 4th order; 5th order optimized
  • 300 kV performance: TEM information limit ≤ 0.7 Å; HR-STEM resolution ≤ 0.7; analytical probe 2 nA in 0.2 nm probe size
  • 80 kV performance: TEM information limit ≤ 0.9 Å; HR-STEM resolution ≤ 1.1 Å
  • New goniometer with piezo control for fine movements in x, y and z
  • Lorentz mode with motorised biprism for off-axis holography
  • Super-X windowless EDX (4 quandrant SDD EDX detection; solid angle > 0.7 srad)
  • 4k x 4k CMOS-based FEI CETA camera
  • Gatan GIF Quantum ERS high energy resolution EELS spectrometer and energy filter
  • Atomic resolution STEM-EELS and STEM-EDX
  • Gatan Digiscan; dual-channel STEM-EELS acquisition for near-simultaneous low-loss and core-loss acquisition
  • “1000 spectra/s” simultaneous EELS and EDX mapping in STEM mode on 64-bit software
  • High field of view and tilt-rotation tomography specimen holders; STEM tomography data acquisition