Zeiss NVision

Zeiss NVision 40 CrossBeam with focused ion beam (FIB) and high-resolution field emission SEM.

Dual beam (SEM/FIB) instrument dedicated to TEM lamella preparation, cross section, tomography and STEM in-situ.

0.1-30 kV Schottky FEG.

1-30 kV Ga liquid metal ion source.

SEM resolution: 1.1 nm at 20 kV; 2.5 nm at 1 kV.

FIB resolution : 4 nm at 30kV.

Equipped with:

  • Detectors:
    • standard Everhart-Thornley secondary-electron (SE) detector;
    • Gemini® column with Inlens (SE) and EsB (Energy selective BSE) detectors;
    • insertable 4 quadrant backscattered electron (BSE) detector;
    • insertable annular dark and bright STEM detector;
    • Oxford Inst. EDX detector (INCAx-act silicon drift detector);
  • Gas injection system: Four channel single injector GIS (Carbon, platinum, insulator, water, XeF2);
  • Kleindiek manipulator.

Operated since 2008.