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Please, contact us by email to plan a discussion: [email protected]

If you would like to make a service request, please complete the following form and email it: [email protected].

The typical duration of a service request is 1–3 sessions on a SEM or TEM. FIB service duration depends on a request (FIB cross-section takes usually 1–2 hours, TEM lamella preparation 4–6 hours, FIB nanotomography 1–3 days).

CIME microscopes

Sample preparation facility

Please find here CIME facility user fees for self-use of a microscope, full service work with an experienced CIME operator, sample preparation and scientific service (data processing/analysis).

If you need the expertise and competence of the electron microscopy center but you do not want to become a fully trained user we can discuss making a project collaboration together. If you are interested in this please come to Office Hours or contact us via email.

You are not an academic institution but you need SEM, TEM or FIB service.

You need some information about electron microscopy and related topics in general: come to Office Hours or email us.