Service and Training Application Forms

The gateway to electron microscopy: Office Hours and [email protected]

CIME has Office Hours every Tuesday and Friday morning from 08h30 to 10h00, MXC 132. At this time you can meet with one of CIME’s scientific staff to discuss your training or service request.

To make a training request, please complete the following form and submit it to us at office hours:

Please note that Office Hours are the only way to submit training application forms. Forms submitted to the secretarial staff or sent by email will not be considered. It is not possible to bypass the process by asking technical staff for training directly.

Training course description here.


If you would like to make a service request, please complete the following form and bring it to office hours or email it:

The typical duration of a service request is 1–3 sessions on a SEM or TEM.


If you need the expertise and competence of the electron microscopy center but you do not want to become a fully trained user we can discuss making a project collaboration together. If you are interested in this please come to Office Hours or contact us via email.


You are not an academic institution but you need SEM or TEM service.


Micromachining, TEM-lamellae preparation, FIB/SEM cross-sectioning, 3D volume anlaysis and reconstruction (see FIB techniques under EM techniques).
We have the expertise and experienced operators:


You need some information about electron microscopy and related topics in general: come to Office Hours or email us.