Welcome to the Laboratory of Semiconductor Materials

Our research focuses on the synthesis of novel semiconductor nanostructures and the study of their properties, aiming at two applications that will impact our society in the XXI century: quantum science and renewable energy harvesting.

One of the nanostructures that interests us the most are nanowires. Nanowires are filamentary crystals with a tailored diameter between few and hundred nanometers. Due to their characteristic shape and size, they can exhibit different properties, which allow us to use them in significantly different configurations with respect to their bulk counterparts. Among the materials studied are Si and several compound semiconductors such as III-As, III-Sb and II-Vs. We aim at a sustainable use of materials in next electronic and optoelectronic applications as well as the advancement/discovery of the most sustainable materials.

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Prof. A. Fontcuberta i Morral, anna.fontcuberta-morral at epfl.ch

Ms Monika Salas-Tesar, administrative assistant, monika.salas at epfl.ch