Teaching and inspiring new generation of students is at the core mission of university. Our teaching activities span from courses at the bachelor and master level to practical semester projects.

Bachelor, BA5: Functional properties of materials (Fall). 

Master: Properties of Semiconductors from the bulk to the nanostructure (Spring, taught by Dr Valerio Piazza)

For Master and Bachelor students enrolled at EPFL we offer the following semester projects for the Fall Semester 2023 (Title, Supervisor):

  • Spectroscopy of 2D materials, Thomas Hagger
  • Shape recognition strategies for statistical analysis of nano-crystals, Michele Zendrini 
  • Characterization of ultra-thin NiOx hole transport layers, Raphaël Lemerle
  • Growth of substrate-assembled Ge nanowires, Santhanu Ramanandan
  • Optical emission in dimensionally hybrid heterostructures, Stefano Marinoni, Claire Blaga
  • Optical absorption of hyperuniform disordered nanostructure arrays, Anja Tiede
  • Non-destructive analysis of sputtered GeSn thin films, Louise Webb

If you are interested on one of the projects, please contact the supervisor directly. The projects are given on a first-come first-serve basis.