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Promoting Persistent Superionic Conductivity in Sodium Monocarba-closo-dodecaborate NaCB11H12 via Confinement within Nanoporous Silica

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Simultaneous Selective Area Growth of Wurtzite and Zincblende Self-Catalyzed GaAs Nanowires on Silicon

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van der Waals Epitaxy of Co10–xZn10–yMnx+y Thin Films: Chemical Composition Engineering and Magnetic Properties

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Towards defect-free thin films of the earth-abundant absorber zinc phosphide by nanopatterning

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Co-Sputtered Monocrystalline GeSn for Infrared Photodetection

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3D Ordering at the Liquid-Solid Polar Interface of Nanowires

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Time-resolved open-circuit conductive atomic force microscopy for direct electromechanical characterisation

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Plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of nickel nanotubes with low resistivity and coherent magnetization dynamics for 3D spintronics

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Formation, electronic structure, and optical properties of self-assembled quantum-dot single-photon emitters in Ga(N,As,P) nanowires

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van der Waals Epitaxy of Earth-Abundant Zn3P2 on Graphene for Photovoltaics

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Nanostructured alloys light the way to silicon-based photonics

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Efficient wavelength conversion of exchange magnons below 100 nm by magnetic coplanar waveguides

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Rational strain engineering in delafossite oxides for highly efficient hydrogen evolution catalysis in acidic media

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Unveiling Temperature-Dependent Scattering Mechanisms in Semiconductor Nanowires Using Optical-Pump Terahertz-Probe Spectroscopy

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Crystal Phase Tuning in Planar Films of III-V Semiconductors

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Quantitative Nanoscale Absorption Mapping: A Novel Technique To Probe Optical Absorption of Two-Dimensional Materials

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Increasing N content in GaNAsP nanowires suppresses the impact of polytypism on luminescence

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