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Virucidal nanomaterials against influenza

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Capsules with submicron shells: production, stability, and leakage behavior

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Defect chemistry of methylammonium lead iodide

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Advances in the characterization of nanowire photovoltaic devices

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Spatial and Morphological Control of Cyanine Dye Thin Films

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Full-Area Passivating Contacts with High and Low Thermal Budgets: Solutions for High Efficiency c-Si Solar Cells

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Metal-Organic and Oxide Nanostructures for Electrocatalyzing the Oxygen Half-Cell Reaction

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Nano-electromechanical systems based on ultra-thin semiconductors

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Bistability of Contact Angle and Its Role in Achieving Quantum-Thin Self-Assisted GaAs nanowires

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Visual Understanding of Light Absorption and Waveguiding in Standing Nanowires with 3D Fluorescence Confocal Microscopy

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Probing the micromechanical strength of oxide ceramic composite reinforcements

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Functional properties of III-V nanowires addressed by Raman spectroscopy

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Engineering the Size Distributions of Ordered GaAs Nanowires on Silicon

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Revealing Large-Scale Homogeneity and Trace Impurity Sensitivity of GaAs Nanoscale Membranes

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Surface passivation and self-regulated shell growth in selective area-grown GaN-(Ale,Ga)N core-shell nanowires

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Atomically Thin Two-dimensional Materials Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy

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Ordered nanostructures on silicon substrates

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Solution processed nanostructures towards efficient and low-cost water splitting

A. Fontcuberta I Morral 

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Controlling and Monitoring Intracellular Drug Delivery Using PHPMA-Based Polymer Nanomedicines

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Vectorial scanning force microscopy using a nanowire sensor

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Plasmonic Waveguide-Integrated Nanowire Laser

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High Permittivity Silicones for Dielectric Elastomer Actuators

S. J. Dünki / F. Nüesch; D. M. Opris (Dir.)  

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The growth and optical properties of III-V nanostructures grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy

G. Tütüncüoglu / A. Fontcuberta i Morral (Dir.)  

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Impact of the Ga Droplet Wetting, Morphology, and Pinholes on the Orientation of GaAs Nanowires

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Nanowire-Aperture Probe: Local Enhanced Fluorescence Detection for the Investigation of Live Cells at the Nanoscale

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Spin and Charge transport in Dirac Materials

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Magnetization reversal in individual Py and CoFeB nanotubes locally probed via anisotropic magnetoresistance and anomalous Nernst effect

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Visualisation of magnetic domain structures and magnetisation processes in Goss-oriented, high permeability steels using neutron grating interferometry

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Optoelectronic Devices Based on Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides

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Time-resolved size and element analysis of gas-borne nanoparticles

A. Hess / C. Ludwig (Dir.)  

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Time-Resolved Nonlinear Coupling between Orthogonal Flexural Modes of a Pristine GaAs Nanowire

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MATERIALS SCIENCE How crystals get an edge

A. Fontcuberta i Morral 

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Thin-film-specific elastic effects in ferroelectric domain structures

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From Twinning to Pure Zincblende Catalyst-Free InAs(Sb) Nanowires

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