August 2022, Group retreat in Evolène (Photo by N. Morgan)
January 2024, Annual New Year Dinner (Photo by D.Dede)

Alumni, following the public information in LinkedIn:

2023 Dr Andrea Giunto, postdoc, U.C. Berkeley (USA)
2023 Dr Nicholas Morgan, R&D Engineer, Attolight, Lausanne (Switzerland)
2023 Dr Nicolas Tappy, R&D Engineer, Attolight, Lausanne (Switzerland)
2023 Dr Rajrupa Paul, R&D Engineer, Hitachi (Switzerland)
2022 Dr Mirjana Dimitrievska, group leader, EMPA (Switzerland)
2022 Dr Mahdi Zamani, product performance engineer, ASML (The Netherlands)
2022 Dr Elias Stutz, R&D Engineer, LSPR, Zürich (Switzerland)
2022 Dr Lucas Güniat, R&D Engineer, Lumiphase, Zürich (Switzerland)
2021 Dr Simon Escobar-Steinvall, postdoc, Lund U., Lund (Sweden)
2021 Dr Maria-Carmen Giordano, senior fellow, CERN, Geneva (Switzerland)
2021 Dr Anna Kukol’ova, technical sales engineer with emphasis on quantum control and test, Zurich Instruments, Zürich (Switzerland)
2021 Dr Akshay Balgarkashi, process engineer, Lam Research (Austria)
2020 Dr Wonjong Kim, Process Development Engineer, Hitachi Engergy, Lenzburg (Switzerland)
2020 Dr. Martin Friedl, Engineer R&D Materials, Lumiphase, Zürich (Switzerland)
2019  Dr Jelena Vukajlovic-Plestina, project manager, Süss Micro-optics, Yverdon-les-bains (Switzerland)
2019 Dr. Luca Francaviglia, postdoc at ETHZ, Zürich (Switzerland)
2018 Dr. Dmitry Mikulik, senior engineer, Micron, Boise (USA)
2018 Dr. Heidi Potts, application scientist, Zürich Instruments, Zürich (Switzerland)
2017 Prof. Gözde Tütüncüoglu, assistant professor at Wayne State U. (USA)
2016 Dr. E. Alarcon-Llado, tenured team leader at AMOLF, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
2016 Dr. Federico Matteini, business Developer, Innovation EcoTope, EPFL (Switzerland)
2015 Dr. A. Casadei, project manager at VPA-R, EPFL (Switzerland)
2015 Dr. Y. Fontana, currently postdoc at BaselUniversity (Switzerland)
2015 Luca del Carro, currently PhD student at ETHZ and IBM Zürich
2015 Dr. E. Russo-Averchi, highschool teacher at Liceo Paretto, Lausanne (Switerland)
2015 Dr. S. Conesa-Boj, associate professor tenure-track at TU Delft (The Netherlands)
2014 Dr D. Rüffer, currently at Sensirion (Switzerland)
2014 Dr. A. Dalmau Mallorqí, currently at Debiotech (Swizterland)
2013 Dr. O. Demichel, CNRS researcher in Dijon (France)
2012 Dr. B. Ketterer, SGL Carbon (Germany)
2012 Dr. C. Colombo, currently at Louis Dreyfus Highbridge Energy (Switzerland)
2010 Dr. E. Uccelli, senior scientist at TNO, TU Delft (The Netherlands)
2011 Dr. S. Crankshaw, currently journal Manager, Endrocrinology Section, Frontiers Journals (Switzerland)
2010 Dr. J. Dufouleur, currently scientist at IFW Dresden (Germany)
2010 Dr. D. Spirkoska, currently at patent attorney at Hoffmann-Eitle, Munich (Germany)
2010 Prof. I. Zardo, assistant professor tenure-track at Uni Basel (Switzerland)
2010 Dr. T. Garma, currently at U. Split (Croatia)
2009 Dr. M. Heiss, technical manager at Omicron (Germany)
2009 Dr. Y. Xiang
2009 Dr. L. Moreno-Codinachs, , currently scientist at Hochschule Rhein-Waal (Germany)