Micro-Manufacturing Science and Engineering Center M2C

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The Micro-Manufacturing Science and Engineering Center (M2C) is an alliance between EPFL, CSEM, HE-Arc, UniNE and HEIA-Fr, which aims at addressing and anticipating the future needs of industry in term of innovation and implementation of new advanced manufacturing processes.

The M2C aims at addressing critical scientific and technological challenges, ranging from fundamental to applied research, for the future of manufacturing. Focused on micro-manufacturing, high precision 3D free-form material processing and high-integrity micro-structures, it brings together a wide range of laboratories from EPFL, CSEM, HE-Arc, UniNE and HEIA-Fr, all having research activities and interests related to the future of manufacturing and its impact for society.

  The M2C‘s main objectives are to:

  • Provide a platform to catalyze interactions between its academic, institutional and industrial partners.
  • Launch, federate and coordinate research projects in the field of advanced manufacturing.
  • Develop new education offer from training to new PhD program.
  • Ensure efficient technology transfer to industry.
  • Drive and launch the more ambitions Swiss Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (SAMARC) which is planned to occupy part of a new building projected on the Microcity site in Neuchâtel.

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