Proteomics at EPFL

Our main mission is to provide the local and external scientific community with extended Proteomics based services.

Our Platform is also hosting a Small Molecules analysis group (Pr. Giovanni D’Angelo: EPFL SV IBI-SV UPDANGELO) whose mission is to establish reference quantitative profiles of lipids and metabolites from various biological matrices.

Proteomics intends to globally study all proteins expressed in dedicated biological samples such as cells, tissues, biological fluids, Secretomes and so on. The field not only covers protein identifications but also their characterization, the interactions between them or their global quantification across samples. Major advances during the last decade in the field of Mass Spectrometry (…)

The PCF offers dedicated Lipidomics and Metabolomics quantitative and profiling services. Assays developments should be discussed with our Small Molecules team. Could you please contact us for any project evaluation.The platform hosts a MALDI-Imaging instrument (Q-Exactive-HF mass spectrometer coupled to a TransMIT AP-SMALDI5 AF source). High precision imaging can be achieved from sliced samples. The (…)

The PCF bioinformatics team can provide extended Data treatment services to better exploit and visualise your results and outputs. Could you please contact us for any project evaluation.