Services for researchers

EPFL Library offers numerous tailored services for researchers.
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Services for associated campuses

Smart Living Lab (Fribourg), Campus Biotech (Genève), Microcity (Neuchâtel) et Energypolis (Sion).


Publishing support

The Library offers its expertise and its support during all publication processes, from the writing to the diffusion of the research output.

Publishing Support Fast Guides

EPFL Library Publishing Support team shares new concrete tools to help EPFL researchers and the scientific community in their publishing related activities and their Open Access issues. Discover the Publishing Support Fast Guides: 6 guides, which will give you basic and advanced information about Open Access, scientific publishing, copyright, citation, etc.


Research data management

EPFL Library aims to support EPFL researchers in the management of their research data (RDM), providing tools and guidance at any step of the data life cycle. EPFL Library research data team is ready to provide you support to get a better understanding of research data management, find appropriate tools and resources, and offer advice on a wide range of aspects.

RDM bad practices can easily turn into RDM horror stories…

Open research data and open code support

Open Science oriented suggestions for your research project, from planning to publication and archiving of data and code.

RDM support & advice

Ask the Reserach Data Library Team for practical support and advice on specific RDM aspects, tailored on your needs, via email, meetings, or hands-on demo, videocall, etc.

RDM training & events

Discover and enroll in the training sessions offered by the Research Data Library Team and engage in the events around data.

RDM guides & templates

Useful documents to help you managing the research data of your projects and to stay compliant with research funders (DMP, NCCR data strategy, etc.).

RDM software

Electronic services to ease your Research Data Management, from the storage cost evaluation to the data publication.

RDM contacts & communities

Find more about us and connect with the local communities around data, like the EPFL Data Champions or the Zenodo community.

ACOUA support

ACOUA stands for Academic Output Archive. It is the new institutional archive for long-term preservation of research data and code produced by EPFL.

Complementary information about copyright and citation

This section specifically concerns PhD candidates and researchers and covers scientific publications. Information on teaching activities can be found in the teaching section. The basic rules regarding citation are considered. At EPFL, a doctoral thesis belongs to its author, inventions and software made by PhD students or researchers belong to EPFL, and similarity check is available at EPFL through iThenticate.


Open Science initiative

EPFL Library participates to the EPFL global initivative to support Open Science.


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