Teaching collection and handouts

Teaching collection

The teaching collection comprises all the publications in relation to the courses held at EPFL (Bachelor and Master’s level) and for the most part recommended by the teachers as back-up to their courses. Several copies of them are available in the Library and they are indicated in the IS-Academia course index cards. Feel free to contact us for any missing references. Some titles of the teaching collection are also available in the form of eBooks. Indicated by a QR code on the cover of the books on the shelves, the eBooks are assessible from any computer connected to the EPFL network (on the campus site or by way of the VPN), following the links indicated in BEAST catalog. Without necessarily being part of the teaching collection, some very good eTextbooks (electronic version of textbooks) are accessible in the thematic clusters or the publishers’ platforms below.

McGrawHill: Schaum’s course outlines: 134 introductory titles or textbooks in various scientific disciplines

Dawson Era: Collection of electronic books from various publishers, some of which are well known for their excellent textbooks (the Presses Polytechniques Universitaires RomandesPearsonAcademic Press etc.). Printing is limited, possible only in the “read online” option. Pdf downloads are limited in their use (time-limit consultation, no printing possible, no copy and paste possible)


The EPFL handouts, back-up to courses designed by teachers, are available in the Library. Two copies of the current edition (one for consultation, one borrowable) are held in the Enseignement (Teaching) area behind the reception desk (call no. (072) and the UDC index of the discipline). The complete collection of previous editions is held in the basement area C4: copies can be borrowed . In addition, handouts are on sale in the Librairie La Fontaine, in the Rolex Learning Center at EPFL.


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