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The Library and its services are at the disposal of the EPFL students, lecturers and researchers, as well as interested members of the public. This page is dedicated to the services for Physics (School of Basic Sciences).


The Library provides specific customised training, one-to-one or class-based

  • Presentation of the services to the teaching/research staff and to students
  • Modules on the advanced search for information, citation

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The Library, via Infoscience, provides support for posting EPFL publications online

  • Help with importing publications
  • On-site training (laboratories, administration offices) for familiarising oneself with Infoscience
  • Help with exporting data to a personal page, a laboratory page


The Library can also advise you on the following topics:

BEAST is the search tool of the EPFL library. It allows one to do an exhaustive search in the printed and electronic collections.

Teaching collection

Several copies of the books dedicated to teaching are systematically bought with, if possible, access to the online version. We strongly urge you to notify us of any new references to course material.

Research collection

Books at a more in-depth level supplement this collection. Some publishers’ packages are also available online:

Dictionaries and Encyclopaedias

Specialised databases

General databases

Collections of journals

New acquisitions

MATHEMATICAL APPROACH TO CLIMATE CHANGE AND IMPACTS: mac2i. Piermarco Cannarsa; Daniela Mansutti; A. Provenzale. Springer International Publishing, 2020. [Online]

The Little Book of Cosmology. Lyman Page. Princeton University Press, 2020. [Online]

Periods in quantum field theory and arithmetic: ICMAT, Madrid, Spain, September 15-December 19 2014. José Ignacio Burgos Gil; Kurusch Ebrahimi-Fard; Herbert Gangl. Springer International Publishing, 2020. [Online]

ADVANCED QUANTUM CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS: one -body, many-body, and topological perspectives. El-Batanouny. Cambridge University Press, 2020. [Online]

Ionization in high-temperature gases: a selection of technical papers based mainly on the American Rocket Society Conference on Ions in Flames and Rocket Exhausts held at Palm Springs, California, October 10-12, 1962. Kurt E. Shuler; John B. Fenn. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics AIAA, 1963. [Online]

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Simon Pasquier

Simon Pasquier

Librarian Team Coordinator
RLC D1 220