Data & Code journals

(Table version: Dec. 2022)

This table presents a selection of prominent scholarly journals that publish data papers. These are academic publications no different than other types of papers, apart from the focus on data or code as academic output. The table includes pure data journals (focused on exposing datasets) and mixed journals (not only data papers), useful for the dissemination of data and code for the different scientific fields at EPFL.

We assume no responsibility nor liability for incorrect information. Please contact [email protected] to contribute with corrections or questions on the table.

The title and URL of the journal, with the indication of the editor and geographic location in parentheses.

This indicates the minimum Open Access type accepted by the journal. This can be:

  • Diamond: full open access with no Article Processing Charges (APC)
  • Full gold: full open access upon payment of APC
  • Hybrid: open access with APC or closed access with no APC

When a data or code availability policy is available, its URL is provided.

Dataset focus. This can be:

  • Data
  • Code
  • Both

An asterisk (*) indicates mixed journals: no specific focus on data papers, but the journal is used and renown for publishing also data papers.

Sources: when available, or, or the journal itself

Article Processing Charges (APC): these are the fees applied to the authors for submission. Source: when available, or the journal itself.

An asterisk (*) indicates that a waiver policy exists. Refers to the journal website for more information.

Indication if the APCs are partially (P) or fully (F) supported by EPFL Library.

If (P), the percentage value indicates the charges’ fraction supported by the Library.

If (R&P), i.e. Read & Publish, it means that EPFL Library has negotiated a transformative agreement with the publisher(s).

(* = Waiver policy)
Computational Engineering and Physical Modeling
(Pouyan Press, Iran)
DiamondCodeElectrical engineering,
Nuclear engineering,
Computer engineering
Digital Humanities Quarterly
(Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations, Netherlands)
Mass media
Earth system science data
(Copernicus Publications, Germany)
DiamondDataEnvironmental science, Earth science, Geology 0
Image Processing On Line
(Image Processing On Line, France)
DiamondCodeMathematics, Computer science 0
International Journal of Data and Network Science
(Growing Science, Canada)
DiamondBothSocial Sciences, Management, Industrial management 0
Journal of Data and Information Science
(Sciendo, Poland)
DiamondCodeTechnology, Industrial engineering, Management engineering, Information technology, Mathematics, Computer science 0
Journal of data science
(School of Statistics, Renmin University of China, China)
DiamondCodeMathematics, Computer science, Mathematical statistics 0
Journal of Statistics and Data Science Education
(Taylor & Francis Group, USA)
DiamondCodeMathematics, Mathematical statistics, Education 0
Journal of Open Source Software
(Journal of Open Source Software, USA)
Diamond CodeScience, Computer Science 0
Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences
(SpringerOpen, UK)
Full GoldCodeEngineering, Civil engineering, Applied mechanics, Systems engineering 990 GBP* P (20%)
Advances in Simulation
Full GoldCodeMedical informatics 1490 GBP* P (20%)
(MDPI AG, Switzerland)
Full GoldCodeTechnology, Industrial engineering, Management engineering, Mathematics, Computer science 1400 CHF P (20%)
Algorithms for Molecular Biology
Full GoldCodeBiology, Genetics 1490 GBP* P (20%)
Big Data Analytics
Full GoldBothMedical informatics 1190 GBP* P (20%)
Big Data and Cognitive Computing
(MDPI AG, Switzerland)
Full GoldBothTechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Control systems 1400 CHF P (20%)
Big Earth Data
(Taylor & Francis Group, UK)
Full GoldDataGeography, Anthropology, Recreation, Geology 790 GBP* F (R&P)
BioData Mining
Full GoldBothMedicine, Medical informatics, Mathematics 1690 GBP* P (20%)
BMC Bioinformatics
Full GoldCodeMedical informatics, Biology 1690 GBP* P (20%)
BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making
Full GoldCodeMedical informatics 1570 GBP* P (20%)
BMC Research Notes
Full GoldDataBiology, Medicine 1110 GBP* P (20%)
Brain Informatics
(SpringerOpen, Germany)
Full GoldCodeMedical informatics, Mathematics, Computer science 790 GBP P (20%)
CODATA data science journal
(Ubiquity Press, UK)
Full GoldBothMultidisciplinary 350 GBP*
(MDPI AG, Switzerland)
Full GoldCodeScience, Computer science 1400 CHF P (20%)
Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine
(Hindawi Limited, UK)
Full GoldCodeMedical informatics 2100 USD*
Data Science Journal
(Ubiquity Press, UK)
Full GoldBothScience 350 GBP*
(eLife Sciences Publications Ltd, UK)
Full GoldBoth*Medicine, Biology 3000 USD*
Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics
(Frontiers Media S.A., Switzerland)
Full GoldCodeTechnology, Applied mathematics, Computer science 1150 USD*
Frontiers in Big Data
(Frontiers Media S.A., Switzerland)
Full GoldBothTechnology, Industrial engineering, Management engineering, Information technology 1150 USD*
Frontiers in Bioinformatics
(Frontiers Media S.A., Switzerland)
Full GoldCodeMedical informatics 1900 USD*
Frontiers in Digital Humanities
(Frontiers Media S.A., Switzerland)
Full GoldCodeHumanities, Mathematics, Computer science 950 USD*
Frontiers in Neuroinformatics
(Frontiers Media S.A., Switzerland)
Full GoldCodeNeurosciences, Biological psychiatry, Neuropsychiatry 2950 USD*
Geoscience Data Journal
(Wiley, UK)
Full GoldDataMeteorology, Climatology, Geology 1000 GBP, 1200 EUR, 1500 USD*
Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data Systems
(Copernicus Publications, Germany)
Full GoldBothGeophysics, Cosmic physics 960 EUR*
(Oxford University Press, UK)
Full GoldCodeMedicine, Medical informatics 2439 USD*
(GigaScience Press, Hong Kong)
Full GoldBothMathematics, Computer science 350 USD*
(International Union of Crystallography, UK)
Full GoldDataChemistry, Crystallography 300 USD*
Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation
(European Social Simulation Association, Switzerland)
Full GoldCodeSocial Sciences, Simulaitons 1000 EUR, 800 GBP, 1300 USD*
Journal of Big Data
(SpringerOpen, UK)
Full GoldBothElectrical engineering, Electronics, Nuclear engineering, Computer engineering, Industrial engineering, Management engineering, Information technology, Mathematics, Computer science 1060 GBP* P (20%)
Journal of Cheminformatics
Full GoldCodeIndustrial engineering, Information technology, Chemistry 1290 GBP* P (20%)
Journal of Computational Mathematics and Data Science
(Elsevier, Netherlands)
Full GoldCodeMathematics, Computer science 1000 USD* F (R&P)
Journal of Finance and Data Science
(KeAi Communications Co., Ltd., Netherlands)
Full GoldCodeMathematics, Computer science, Social Sciences, Finance 100 USD*
Journal of Open Archaeology Data
(Ubiquity Press, UK)
Full GoldDataArchaeology 100 GBP*
Journal of Open Psychology Data
(Ubiquity Press, UK)
Full GoldDataPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion 100 GBP
Journal of Open Research Software
(Ubiquity Press, UK)
Full GoldCodeMathematics, Electronic computers, Computer science 400 GBP*
Machine Learning and Knowledge Extraction
(MDPI AG, Switzerland)
Full GoldCodeElectrical engineering, Nuclear engineering, Computer engineering, Computer hardware 1400 CHF P (20%)
Mathematical and Computational Applications
(MDPI AG, Switzerland)
Full GoldCodeTechnology, Applied mathematics, Instruments and machines, Computer science 1400 CHF P (20%)
Methods and Protocols
(MDPI AG, Switzerland)
Full GoldCodeBiology 1600 CHF P (20%)
Open Health Data
(Ubiquity Press, UK)
Full GoldDataMedicine 645 GBP*
Open Journal of Bioresources
(Ubiquity Press, UK)
Full GoldMedicine, Medical informatics 100 GBP*
(Elsevier, Netherlands)
Full GoldCodeMathematics, Computer science 500 USD* F (R&P)
Statistical analysis and data mining
(Wiley, UK)
Full GoldCodeStatistics, Computer science, Electrical engineering, Operation research 3760 USD / 2470 GBP / 3140 EUR
The Astrophysics Journal: Supplement Series
(IOP Publishing, UK)
Full GoldBothAstronomy, Astrophysics 4499 USD*
Biodiversity Data Journal
(Pensoft Publishers, Bulgaria)
Full Gold DataBiology 450 USD
(MDPI AG, Switzerland)
Full Gold DataMultidisciplinary 1600 CHF P (20%)
Data in Brief
(Elsevier, USA)
Full Gold DataMultidisciplinary 700 USD* F (R&P)
Geoscientific Model Development
(Copernicus Publications, Germany)
Full Gold BothGeology 1600 EUR*
International Journal of Population Data Science
(Swansea University, UK)
Full Gold DataSocial Sciences, Economic theory, Demography, Population, Vital events 1425 GBP
PLoS One
(Publisher Public Library of Science (PLoS), USA)
Full Gold Both*Medicine, Science 1805 USD* F
Scientific Data
(Nature Portfolio, UK)
Full Gold DataScience 1990 USD*
Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables
(Elsevier, USA)
HybridDataAtomic physics, Nuclear physics 3000 USD F (R&P)
Chemical Data Collections
(Elsevier, USA)
HybridDataChemistry 780 USD F (R&P)
Computational Statistics & Data Analysis
(Elsevier, USA)
HybridDataComputational Statistics 3240 USD F (R&P)
Computing in Science and Engineering
(IEEE Computer Society, USA)
HybridCodephysics, biology, chemistry, and astronomy 2995 USD*
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
(Springer, Germany)
HybridCodeData mining 1990 GBP / 2890 USD / 2290 EUR F (R&P)
WIREs Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
(Wiley, UK)
HybridCodeData mining 4170 EUR F (R&P)
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
(IEEE Computer Society, USA)
HybridCodeComputer science, Artificial intelligence, Electrical engineering, Computer engineering 2995 USD*
Nuclear Data Sheets
(Elsevier, USA)
HybridDataNuclear Physics 3790 USD F (R&P)
International Journal of Epidemiology
(Oxford University Press, UK)
Hybrid BothEpidemiology 3135 GBP
Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data
(American Chemical Society, USA)
HybridBothPhysical chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Organic chemistry, Materials science 5000 USD
(F1000 Research Ltd, UK)
Full GoldBothMedicine, Science 1350 USD*
Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data
(American Institute of Physics, USA)
HybridDataPhysics, Chemistry 3500 USD F (R&P)
Lifetime Data Analysis
(Springer, Germany)
HybridBothActuarial Science, Economics, Engineering Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Management Science, Medicine, Operations Research, Public Health, Social and Behavioral Sciences 1990 GBP / 2890 USD / 2290 EUR F (R&P)