Terms of use and rules

Terms of use

Terms of use for EPFL Library’s electronic resources

October 2017

The use of electronic documentation acquired by the Library is ruled by the publishers’licensing terms and conditons. Library users are therefore required to make fair use of the online information resources at their disposal. Depending on the publishers or information providers these terms and conditions can be more or less restrictve ; however, the following rules are generally applicable:

  • access to online journals full text and other licensed materials (databases, online encyclopedias and dictonaries, e-books…) is restricted to authorized users, namely EPFL staf and students and Library walk- in visitors;
  • documents can be printed or saved exclusively for personal or academic use (studying, teaching, research);
  • systematic downloading documents or data is strictly prohibited, whether automatically or manually;
  • document disseminaton to third partes is not allowed, either in printed or electronic form (email or web);
  • if the authentification is based on password login, disclosure of the password to unauthorized persons is prohibited.

Copyright law must be respected as a general rule, read the Federal Act on Copyright and Related Rights. Users are asked to respect these rules of fair use. In case of misuse, providers reserve the right to cut off access to these resources for all the EPFL, or to sue the School for contractual breach. More information : [email protected].


Regulations of use of the Bibliothèque de l’EPFL at the Rolex Learning Center

April 2018

Article 1

The EPFL Library is the centre for knowledge and expertise for scientific and technical information for use in the context of EPFL teaching and research.

With state of the art facilities, it provides wide and simple access, both locally or remotely, to scientific information acquired or produced by EPFL. The EPFL Library supports its users in the evaluation, use, production, sharing and diffusion of this scientific information. Furthermore, it provides a space for working and studying, and a privileged access to information in both virtual and material form.

Article 2

  1. The reception and research advice provided at the counter are available free of charge by the Library’s staff for the public. Support services for the management of scientific information (usage, production, diffusion, training) are primarily intended for the EPFL community.
  2. The Library provides free and open access to work spaces and IT equipment for the public.
  3. The use of computing equipment is subject to acceptance by the user of the conditions described in the Directive on the Use of EPFL Electronic Infrastructure (LEX 6.1.4).
  4. The Library also offers free and open onsite access to catalogues, paper documents and electronic information resources.
  5. Internet access via the WIFI network is free of charge.
  6. Self-service activities, such as printing, scans or photocopies of documents, are charged according to the current price setting shown on the Library’s website.

Article 3

  1. Registering with the Library is free of charge.
  2. The minimum age for registration is 16 years.
  3. Registration is completed on site, upon presentation of proof of identity.
  4. Individuals who are staying in Switzerland for a period of less than 6 months, or who live abroad, are registered for a limited period.
  5. Registration implies that the reader has taken note of and accepts the present regulations of use, available in full on the Library’s website.

Article 4

  1. Documents belonging to the EPFL Library or another library from the NEBIS network may be borrowed under loan free of charge. This service is reserved for registered individuals.
  2. Registered individuals may borrow up to 100 documents simultaneously.
  3. The loan deadline varies according to the type of document; this information will be mentioned in the Library catalogue. It is possible to extend a loan for a document up to five times, provided that the document in question has not been reserved by another user. In the case of reservation, the item will be reclaimed at the end of the loan period in progress.
  4. The person who has borrowed an item remains responsible for it. This person commits to returning the item in the state in which it was borrowed. Furthermore, this person is responsible for returning the item within the deadline stipulated. The non-receipt of notices or reminders does not qualify as an excuse for the delayed return of documents.
  5. At the end of a loan deadline, a free of charge claim is addressed to the reader. If the volume is not returned or the loan is not extended within ten days, a 1st reminder follows, with a charge of Fr. 10.00 per volume. If the reader does not return the documents, a 2nd and 3rd reminder follow after 10 days, charged at Fr. 10.00 and Fr. 15.00 respectively per volume on top of the previous charges. If the reminders remain without effect, the reader may be called for prosecution. Readers are invited to regularly consult their online accounts to monitor the status of their loans.
  6. Documents classed as Excluded from loan are to be consulted at the Library only; articles and extracts may be photocopied or scanned at the Library.
  7. Rare and valuable books are excluded from loan and can be consulted upon request and in accordance with the instructions provided by Library staff by scheduling an appointment via the email address: [email protected].

Article 5

The loan and use conditions applicable are those of the library supplying the document. They are communicated to the reader who must conform to them. Various fees (postal, photocopies, etc.) may apply (see the “fines and fees” section of the Library’s website).

Article 6

  1. The reader handles consulted or borrowed documents with care, and refrains from all marking, underlining or any deterioration whatsoever.
  2. At the time of the document’s loan, the reader informs the Library of any damage noticed.
  3. In case of loss or damage to a document, the reader will pay the costs of repairing or replacing.

Article 7

  1. The attitude requested of readers and users is that suited to a public place of study and research.
  2. Users shall behave respectfully towards other users and observe indications provided concerning quiet and silent areas.
  3. Users shall also respect the equipment and furniture provided, keeping it clean and tidy.
  4. Within work and study zones, cell phones must be switched to silent mode and their use for calls or conversations is forbidden. As a general rule, the use of any electronic device must not cause any noise disturbance.
  5. The use of wheeled travel devices, such as skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, etc. is forbidden on the entire building premises.

Article 8

In case of disrespect of the present regulations of use, the EPFL Library’s management may refuse entry to the Library and declare the temporary or permanent removal of user status.

Article 9

The EPFL Library’s management may authorise, on justified demand, exceptions to the regulations of use.

The present regulations of use come into force on 1st June 2011 (status as at 13th April 2018). They invalidate and replace the regulations of 20th February 2010.

Isabelle Eula
Head of EPFL Library


[email protected] 

+41 21 693 21 56

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