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Our mission is to support you throughout the entire research data life cycle. We provide you with solutions, tools, and advice on any topic related to research data. Get in touch by simply sending us an email!

EPFL Library Research Data Team
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We offer solutions and resources to the EPFL community

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Contact us for any topic related to Research Data Management

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Useful documents to have on hand for a good RDM

Research Data Management Fast Guides

Research data | FAIR data principles | Cost of RDM | File formats | Metadata | Code as data | ELN | Personal data management | Data masking | Store, publish, preserve data | DMP | Data and code licensing

RDM walkthrough guide

A detailed guide to understand all aspects of Research Data Management (RDM).

README file vademecum and template

Guide for researchers to write a README file for datasets (data and code), through best practices and an example template.

Meet the team

Chiara Gabella

Head of team, Research data management

RLC D1 220
Francesco Varrato

Research data management specialist

RLC D1 220
Alain Borel

Research data management specialist

RLC D1 220
Angela Montano Garcia

Teaching and training specialist

RLC D1 220


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