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The Library and its services are at the disposal of the EPFL students, lecturers and researchers, as well as interested members of the public. This page is dedicated to the services for the Life Sciences Faculty.


The Library provides specific customised training, one-to-one or class-based

  • Presentation of the services to the teaching/research staff and to students
  • Modules on the advanced search for information, citation, information management tools


The Library, via Infoscience, provides support for posting EPFL publications online

  • Help with importing publications
  • On-site training (laboratories, administration offices) for familiarising oneself with Infoscience
  • Help with exporting data to a personal page, a laboratory page
  • Bibliometric tools


The Library can also advise you on the following topics:

Essential databases

PubMed: specialised bibliographic database in the biomedical field

Europe PubMed Central: bibliographic database (contains PubMed references) and full texts (Open Access – thematic archive) specialised in the biomedical field

Web of Science: bibliographic database which covers numerous fields in science, technology, social sciences and arts. Offers the possibility of searching by citations

Scopus: bibliographic database which covers numerous fields in science, technology, social sciences and arts. Offers the possibility of searching by citations

Less well known databases

PsycArticles: a full text database that provides access to all the articles of the American Psychology Association

F1000Prime: platform with recommendations of scientific articles established by thousands of experts in the biomedical field

Journal Citation Reports: database that lists the impact factors of various scientific journals

The Library provides access to more than 2,700 electronic journals in life sciences and more than 4,800 in health sciences. The journals in which the EPFL Faculty of Life Sciences mainly publishes are PLOS, PNAS, Nature communications, Scientific reports, Cell Reports, Neuron, Cell, eLife, nature, etc. All these journals are accessible at EPFL.

The Library provides access to thousands of protocols in life sciences. They are accessible on the following dedicated platforms.

The Library provides access to more than 5,700 e-books related with the life sciences. All these e-books are distributed in packages and/or the platforms of the following publishers.

The Library currently offers more than 5,900 books in conjunction with the life sciences. These books are distributed in three separate collections.

Popular collection Research collection

Teaching collection


Sciences et société (Science and Society)


Sciences et Techniques (Science and Technology)


Enseignement (Teaching)


Popular scientific documents


Research documents in the EPFL  research fields


Textbooks recommended by the EPFL teachers

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