More than thirty databases can be accessed online (on the campus site or via the VPN). These databases offer quality scientific references, but may also contain the full text of publications or factual data.

Databases are categorized by fields :

Content type : Full-text publications taken from more than 400 publications (peer-reviewed journals, magazines)

Producer : ProQuest

Tutorial : ProQuest Libguides

Content type : A full-text archive of magazines comprising key research material in the fields of art and architecture, dating from 1895 to 2005. Subjects covered include fine art, decorative arts, architecture, interior design, industrial design and photography.

Producer : ProQuest

Content type : literature references taken from more than 700 publications (journals, professional association publications) with full-text access for some publications.

Producer : ProQuest

Tutorial : ProQuest Libguides

Content type : Thematic articles, almost 850 case studies, 5000 architectural drawings, 2000 building photographs

Producer : De Gruyter

Content type : More than 3000 architectural projects carried out over the last 30 years and published in the magazine of the same name. Photographs, descriptive texts on the buildings, their plans and a selection of technical drawings are presented for each project

Producer : DETAIL


Content type : Detailed panorama of the world’s main authors, works, experiences and problematics related to the field of architecture. Original videos, such as interviews, buildings and installations, all of this enriched with a selection of complementary material -documents and audiovisuals- about the main authors and figures of contemporary architecture

Producer : Audiovisual archive for institutions

Content type : Articles exploring new ways to show and experiment with digital media architecture

Producer : Transfer

Content type : SciFinder provides comprehensive information on compounds and reactions based on the Chemical Abstracts databases (CAS) compiling literature references (CAplus), reactions descriptions (CASREACT), regulated chemicals (CHEMLIST), chemicals suppliers (CHEMCATS), chemical industry notes (CIN), chemical substances (CAS REGISTRY), Markush structures (MARPAT). SciFindern is the latest interface of SciFinder and will replace it completely in February 2022. SciFindern offers new functions and improvements compared to previous interfaces: more intuitive user interface, improved text search processing, parallel use in multiple browser tabs, analysis and filtering of large numbers of hits, tool for synthesis planning, similarity search in reactions, PatentPak and display of Markush structures.

EPFL Library enriches SciFindern with ChemZentextending the access of Chemisches Zentralblatt back to 1830.

Note : SciFinder and SciFindern are accessible at EPFL Lausanne via the browser-based interface SciFinder Web (external link) / SciFindern (external link). The same login information can be used for both databases. Existing users of SciFinder Web can migrate their saved answers and alerts (keep me posted) to SciFindern. A tutorial and information are available.

Producer : Chemical Abstract Service

Access conditions : You have to register (external link) your EPFL Lausanne email address first before you can use SciFinder or SciFindern. Access to this database is limited to the domain due to licensing restrictions. In case of technical problems or questions about access authorization, please contact the electronic resources helpdesk.

Tutorial : SciFinder Training Materials

Content type : Almost 16’000 journals, experimental facts, chemical formulas, propriétés physicochemical properties and experimental methods

Producer : Elsevier

Tutorial : FAQ

Content type : Financial information (income statements, balance sheet, movements of funds) and statistics about companies

Producer : Wharton Research Data Services

Access conditions : Before connecting for the first time, register with an EPFL e-mail adress. Select “Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne” in the drop-down list

Tutorial : WRDS E-Learning

Content type : Stock market information for NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ securities

Producer : Wharton Research Data Services

Access conditions : Before connecting for the first time, register with an EPFL e-mail adress. Select “Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne” in the drop-down list

Tutorial : WRDS E-Learning

Content type : Literature references and full-text publications

Producer : Ebsco

Tutorial : EBSCOhost Training & Promotion

Content type : Results of research by the National Bureau of Economic Research made available to other economists to encourage discussion and suggestions for revision before publication

Producer : National Bureau of Economic Research

Producer : Oxford University Press

Tutorial : OED Quick start

Content type : Literature references covering the fields of bibliometrics, online information retrival and information management

Producer : Ebsco

Tutorial : EBSCOhost Training & Promotion

Content type : Periodicals literature references directory

Producer : Serial Solutions

Tutorial : Video tutorial

Content type : Factual data directory (phase diagrams, crystal structures cristallines, corrosion data, thermophysical data, polymer thermodynamic data), full-text reference documents, literature references

Producer : SpringerNature

Tutorial : Tutorials and training sessions

Content type : Full-text publications organised in thematic collections

Producer : ProQuest

Tutorial : ProQuest Libguides

Content type : More than 10’000 full-text peer-reviewed education-oriented reference fact sheets and articles in French, as well as additional functionalities like a news magazine, online seminars and a multilingual technical dictionary

Producer : Editions TI

Tutorial : Video tutorials

Content type : Almost 19 millions literature references

Producer : Elsevier

Tutorial : Video tutorials

“Help” section

Content type : Abstracts, literature references and reviews. Several hundreds of thousands of entries are added every year

Producer : American Mathematical Society

Tutorial : MathSciNet tutorials

Content type : More than 3 millions literature references, Plus de 3 millions de références bibliographiques taken from journals and books, accompanied by abstracts or reviews

Producer : Springer

Tutorial : FAQ

Content type : Online courses and case studies

Producer : HSTalks

Tutorial : Quick start guide

  • InCites (JCR, ESI, World Data Set, Benchmark and analytical tool) :

Content type : Analysis and benchmarking tools of scientific research compiling performance indicators (published articles in scientific journals per institution and per discipline, citations)

Access conditions : Before connecting for the first time, register on the registration page with an EPFL email adress.

Producer : Thomson Reuters

Tutorial : Video tutorials

Contenu : Scientific journals aggregator

Éditeur : Third Iron

Tutoriel : FAQ section

Content type : Literature references platform containing the following by-products : Conference Proceedings Citation Index, Citation Connection and Journal Citation Reports (JCR)

Producer : Thomson Reuters

Tutorial : Video tutorial

  • Inspec – Engineering Village :

Content type : Abstracts and literature references

Producer : Elsevier

Tutorial: Video tutorial

“Help” section

Content type : American Psychological Association (APA) full-text publications

Producer : ProQuest

Tutorial : ProQuest Libguides

Content type : Information on funding opportunities and research policies

Producer : ResearchResearch Ltd

Tutorial : Getting started

Content type : Abstracts et literature references covering the peer-reviewed literature. Contains strategic intelligence, analysis data visualization tools

Producer : Elsevier

Tutorial : Video tutorials


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