Periodicals, newspapers and magazines

More than 18,000 online scientific periodicals are accessible from the EPFL computer network (on the campus site or by way of the VPN). In addition, more than 4,000 printed periodicals, 600 of which are currently on subscription, are also available to the public in the Library.

Apart from the mathematics collections and magazines located in the science and society zone that can be borrowed for 3 days, the Library printed periodicals can only be consulted on site. However, the Library offers a on-demand scanning service for EPFL researchers, teachers, PhD students and employees.

Scientific periodicals

Our research collection includes journals from publishers, such as BioMed Central, Elsevier, JSTOR, Nature, Springer, Taylor & Francis or Wiley. You can search for the electronic periodicals on BEAST, our online catalogue, or by thematic discipline. Online access is possible on the campus site, and outside by way of the VPN. Scientific journal subscribed by the Library are also accessible through BrowZine app.

The titles available in print (alphabetical list) are distributed at various locations, according to the discipline :

  • architecture (past 10 years) : first level of the library
  • mathematics, physics, chemistry and materials (current year) : Sciences Techniques Mathématiques (Sciences and Technology) section
  • criminal sciences : basement (compactus C2)

The previous issues, in all disciplines, are freely accessible in the basement (D area). Mathematical journals (PER1 to PER599) are now available on loan for 3 days renewable. References collection, 19th century original volumes and a few special items are excluded from loan as well as the latest issues located in the Sciences et techniques area.

A free service delivering copies of articles remotely is offered for EPFL employees. The order is placed from BEAST via the Items tab.

Log in using the username “GASPAR”, then when you have located the title, click on the Services tab and finish filling out the form. Items are scanned in PDF format and sent by email within 24 hours following the request. Requests can also be made directly by filling out the online form.

Popular periodicals

Some thirty multidisciplinary titles are available for the current year in the magazine racks of the Sciences et Société (Science and Society) area. From now one magazines from this area can be borrowed : 3-day renewable loan, except the last issue.

  • 01net
  • Allez savoir ! le magazine de l’Université de Lausanne
  • American Scientist
  • Astronomie (L’) 
  • Bifrost
  • Code magazine
  • Courrier international
  • Diagonale
  • Ecologiste (L’)
  • Efficience 21
  • EPFL Magazine
  • Feuille des avis officiels du canton de Vaud
  • Galaxies
  • Globe
  • Grands dossiers des Sciences humaines
  • Horizons
  • Jeux Vidéo Magazine
  • JV Culture Jeu Vidéo
  • Linux Magazine
  • Linux pratique
  • Monde diplomatique
  • National geographic
  • New scientist
  • Pour la science
  • Recherche (la)
  • Recherche Hors-série
  • Revue durable
  • Science & vie
  • Science & vie Hors-série
  • Sciences & avenir revue
  • Sciences et avenir. Hors-série
  • Sciences humaines
  • Scientific American
  • Sky & telescope
  • Switch
  • Wired

Newspapers and magazines

Use the online kiosk PressReader to access to swiss and international daily press and magazines in electronic format: more than 6,000 titles, 110 countries, 60 languages. This kiosk is available through website or free app.

The Library proposes a certain number of newspapers and general interest magazines. These titles and their supplements are freely available in the Le Klee by Takinoa Cafeteria, until the next day of publication (weekdays only). Archives are not kept and the Library cannot be held responsible for omissions due to loss or theft.

  • 24 heures 
  • Bund (der)
  • Courrier
  • Financial Time
  • HandelsZeitung
  • Liberté (La)
  • Monde (le)
  • New York Times
  • Nouvelliste (le)
  • NZZ
  • Quotidien jurassien (le)
  • Temps (le)
  • Tribune de genève (la)
  • Zeit (die)

Architectural periodicals

The last 10 years of architectural titles located on the main level of the Library can be borrowed for a renewable period of 3 days. The periodicals on display-racks remain to be consulted on site only.

The architectural periodicals (PER5000 to PER5338) located in the basement of the Library are being processed to be borrowable. For all specific loan requests or further information, please contact [email protected] or ask the desk.


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