Organizational chart and missions


Library Director: Isabelle Eula

Library’s missions in alignment with EPFL’s priorities:

  • to stand as EPFL’s hub for knowledge and expertise on scientific and technical information in support of EPFL teaching and research.
  • to provide seamless access to a comprehensive range of scientific information whether it is acquired by the Library or produced by EPFL community.
  • to support users in the retrieval, use, production, sharing and dissemination of scientific information.
  • to offer a suite of quality services together with spaces conducive to learning and studying.

Strategic support and communication

Head: Caroline Bosia
Mission: provide strategic support to the whole Library and lead the Library’s efforts towards promoting its services, collections and facilities.

  • Financial planning and budget management
  • Statistics and performance indicators
  • Strategic project management
  • Staff professional development

Head: Frank Milfort

  • Internal and external communication strategy
  • Communication activities
  • Event design, planning and promotion
  • Library environmental scanning and strategic watch

User services

Head: ongoing recruitment / Guilaine Baud-Vittoz (ad interim)
Mission: assist, inform and guide users, particularly students, in the use of, and access to, library resources and services.

Head: Gaël Revelin

  • Information, guidance and advice
  • Onsite and online helpdesk
  • Introduction to the use of the Library
  • Spaces and facilities

Head: Olivier de Rohan

Academic and research support

Head: Guilaine Baud-Vittoz
Mission: provide a suite of services in support of studying, teaching and research, aligned to the needs of EPFL community.

ETH Domain “Open Research Data” (ORD) Program – Measure 3 (project)

Head: Reinaldo Saavedra

  • Coordination of the Library’s training offer
  • Information and data literacies
  • Specialized training programs for students, PhDs and researchers
  • Individual and group training


Head: Laurent Mathey
Mission: provide EPFL students, teachers and researchers with relevant scholarly resources.

Head: upcoming recruitment

  • Collection development, collection management policy
  • Document selection
  • Needs assessment and usage analysis
  • Collection promotion

Head: ongoing recruitment

  • Resource acquisition and access
  • Publisher and supplier relations
  • Usage statistic monitoring
  • Special collections (sci-fi, video games, etc.)

Digital repositories and archives

Head: Pascale Bouton
Mission: collect, disseminate, preserve, promote EPFL scientific outputs and offer associated support services.

Head: Julien Sicot

  • Support, advice, expertise
  • Administration and curation of Infoscience and ACOUA
  • Management of PLUME platform
  • IT support
  • Administration of integrated library system (ALMA) and discovery tool
  • Technical coordination of library metadata
  • Application development

EPFL administrative records (project)


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