Infoscience is the EPFL institutional archive, managed by the Library in partnership with the Vice-Presidency for Information Systems (VPSI). This digital archive contains the full text of many scientific publications of researchers from the school.


Infoscience hosts digital versions of more than 30,000 publications of EPFL researchers, generally filed by the authors, and more than 100,000 references. These include:

• articles published in scientific periodicals
• articles, posters ou written presentations at conferences
• technical reports and other grey literature documents
• all the EPFL PhD theses
• some student work and teaching materials
• etc.

Filing of the full text is not mandatory in Infoscience, therefore all references indicated in the database are not necessarily accompanied by a document. In such cases you can try to contact the authors listed as member of EPFL or their laboratory by following the links under the “Contacts” column on the right of the page: