Guides, tools and tutorials

Below you will find links to guides and tutorials which answer some of your questions. However if you are still doubtful or if you would prefer face-to-face assistance, feel free to contact [email protected].  


Rational Bibliographic : Guide de rédaction des références bibliographiques

(freely available online, or on request in printed version at the Library desk)


Essential Bibliographic (short version)


Zotero: Reference Management Software

To help you manage your references and citations, we warmly recommend that you use a reference management software, more specifically Zotero. The use of such kind of tool will allow you to rationalize the management of your bibliographic references, and to automate some cumbersome tasks, for example changing the bibliographic style of a document.

Because Zotero is a powerful tool with a very user-friendly interface, because it is free of charge and open source, and because it is compatible with many online resources. Moreover, this reference manager benefits from a very active community, that always develops new features and could help you if needed.

Zotero is also compatible with most word processors, and with Firefox and Chrome.

Join one of the training sessions about Zotero organized by the EPFL Library.

The course documentation, that might be sufficient in itself, will help you to start well.

In case of any specific question related to Zotero’s use, the training team is at your disposal through its Book a librarian service.



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