2014 – 2017 Algolingua (FNS)


Are we experiencing an important transformation of natural languages due to new technologies?  How algorithms shape our language? How much is the proportion of algorithmic texts spreading on internet? What are the linguistic effects of machine translation, autocompletion, etc..?

During the last ten years, a growing number of programs, services, applications and software mediate continuously our textual expression. This mediation has a direct impact on our natural language which is on constant evolution. Algorithmic texts (texts written by bots or by humans with bots mediation) are not easily detected and we have no estimation of their spread on internet.

The purposes of this FNS project is to

  • Detect these algorithmic texts and estimate the proportion of them on internet;
  • Explore how these algorithmic text spread on internet;
  • Study the linguistic changes and the language homogeneity evolution;
  • Build tools in order to investigate linguistic perturbations;

Algorithmic Texts, Internet Bots, Linguistic Drift, Language Evolution, Linguistic Perturbations, Language Homogeneity.

Vincent Buntinx / Ph.D. Student, EPFL
Frédéric Kaplan / Director DHLAB, EPFL