Survey of digitized newspaper interfaces


This dataset was assembled to support the survey of existing historical newspaper interfaces in the context of the impresso – Media Monitoring of the Past project. It consists of manually collected and curated features  (ca. 150) related to 24 interfaces.


Creative Commons License This dataset is published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Historical Newspaper User Interfaces: A Review

M. Ehrmann; E. Bunout; M. Düring 

After decades of large-scale digitization, many historical newspaper collections are just one click away via online portals developed and supported by various public or private stakeholders. Initially offering access to full text search and facsimiles visualization only, historic newspaper user interfaces are increasingly integrating advanced exploration features based on the application of text mining tools to digitized sources. As gateways to enriched material, such interfaces are however not neutral and play a fundamental role in how users perceive historical sources, understand potential biases of upstream processes and benefit from the opportunities of datafication. What features can be found in current interfaces, and to what degree do interfaces adopt novel technologies? This paper presents a survey of interfaces for digitized historical newspapers with the aim of mapping the current state of the art and identifying recent trends with regard to content presentation, enrichment and user interaction. We devised 6 interface assessment criteria and reviewed twenty-four interfaces based on ca. 140 predefined features.

[Proceedings of the 85th IFLA General Conference and Assembly]


85th IFLA General Conference and Assembly, Athens, Greece, 24-30 August 2019.

p. 1-24

DOI : 10.5281/zenodo.3404155

Survey of digitized newspaper interfaces (dataset and notebooks)

M. Ehrmann; E. Bunout; M. Duering 

This record contains the datasets and jupyter notebooks which support the analysis presented in the paper “Historical Newspaper User Interfaces: A Review”. Please refer to the paper or the github repository for more information (see links below), or do not hesitate to contact us!