The Garzoni project undertakes the study of Apprenticeship, Work and Society (GAWS) in the Early Modern Venice by exploiting a specific archival source, namely the Accordi dei Garzoni. This document series from the Venetian State Archive consists in ca. 55.000 apprenticeship contracts registered between 1573 and 1772. These contracts provide precise and detailed information about apprentice employment, including the committed persons (typically a Master, a Garzon, and a Guarantor), the apprenticeship itself (duration, profession, salary and working conditions) and the workshop.

The project involves an interdisciplinary team and revolves around two main phases. The first one is dedicated to the building of a geo-historical information system in order to collect, store, process and render information from the Accordi dei Garzoni. The second phase is devoted to historical studies and will investigate new research questions such as the economy of apprenticeship, the transmission of skills, the role of family and the impact of gender, as well as worker migration flows.

Co-funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR) and the Swiss National Fund (FNS), the project started in January 2015 for a duration 3 years.



IRHiS, Lille 3 University
GRHis, Rouen University
Ca’Foscari University, Venice
Archivio di Stato di Venezia (State Archive of Venice)

DHLAB collaborators:

Maud Ehrmann (2 years budgeted position)
Giovanni Colavizza
Orlin Topalov
Frédéric Kaplan

Partners’ collaborators:

Valentina Sapienza (IRHiS, Lille 3 University)
Anna Bellavitis (GRHis, Rouen University)
Riccardo Cella (GRHis, Rouen University)

Francesca Zugno (Venice)
Davide Drago (Venice)
Andrea Erboso (Venice)