Experiencing the past

Museums of the future

Can we reinvent the role of the museums? The DH Lab is exploring new ways of presenting cultural artifacts, using advanced optics and 3D sensing technologies. The goal is to create seamless physical experiences much beyond what smartphone and tablets can now offer. We address challenging issues like: How can we make museum’s narratives adapted to both individual visitors and groups or to both children and adults? More fundamentally, we also reflect on the role of truth and aesthetics in the digital era.

Intellectual Accountability

The DH Lab does not only aim at creating vivid representations of the past, but organizes transparent processes linking historical records and computer-based visualizations. In all our projects, ambiguity and lack of precision in historical records and associated uncertainties in reconstructed maps and networks are systematically qualified and quantified. By maintaining a rigorous and constructive approach, the findings obtained through the computer-based methodologies can be open to peer review and included in the scholarly debates of the humanities.

Massive on-line courses

On the educational side, the DH Lab works on pedagogical environments aimed at exploring news forms of teaching adapted to the digital era. We reflect on the uses of digital archives for massive on-line course (MOOCs), in which students from all over the world could participate. We believe such environments could play a major role in forming a new generation of researchers capable to engage in large-scale interdisciplinary projects.