Les culturelles (Cultural Week)

Initiated last October, “Les Culturelles” festival offers an array of events that investigate certain global issues from the perspective of the arts and humanities. This program will include dance, film, performances, contemporary art, music and discussions.

One of the missions of CDH is to integrate artistic practices into the life of EPFL. To this end, the festival brings artists onto campus and invites students to join them for collective experiences.

This year’s activities will explore representations of the planet Mars, digital art, the sound of sculpture, and the songs of people who live in dialogue with nature. These events will take the public on an unusual stroll, showcase the visual research of artists, and bring a touch of enchantment to the Campus.

Organisation: CDH-CultureEPFL CDH AiR ProgramTHEMA

2023 Fall – Les Culturelles d’automne

2023 Spring – Les Culturelles de printemps

2022 Fall – Les Culturelles d’automne