Featured FIELD projects

Test de l’application (image de février 2020, avant le Covid-19) © INSSINC/Vivian Ambrose

The Bridge schools are portable and modular schools designed to welcome migrant workers’ children. The teachers have a lot of responsibilities, and must juggle every day with numerous constraints and variables: fluctuating number of students of all ages, limited space, and scarce resources.

Doha Mahfoudhi (UNIL), Amara Slaymaker (EPFL), and Valentin Calame (EPFL+ECAL Lab) prototyped a ready-to-use basic digital solution to support teachers in their administrative tasks: school expenses, attendance, and healthcare tracking with automated aggregated metrics.

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In Bangalore, street vendors’ income and profits are directly impacted by their lack of access to reliable lighting during the 4-5 hours after sunset, as well as the shortage of cold storage, which impacts the freshness, quality, and spoilage of their perishable goods.

Anaïs Matthey-Junod (EPFL), Margaux Charvolin (EPFL+ECAL Lab) and Philippe Bontà (UNIL) imagined a family of portable needs-specific, self-service energy mini-kiosks that aims to supply off-the-grid street vendors with energy.

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The CHECK-Y team created a smart headband for coaches and medical staff to monitor head impacts on athletes, with real-time alerts. In addition, each player can manage his/her own headband.

The CHECK-Y project, driven by Diane Marquette (EPFL), Nicolas Mauroux (UNIL), Taavet Kangur (EPFL) , Marine Fondin (ECAL) and Maëlick Brochut (EPFL) was born from field observations, athletes and physicians interviews and is now tested in real context with professional athletes.

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The HAPSTICK team created smart crutches that help recovering patients to overcome the difficulties related to their lower limb injury, making them actors of their own reeducation process.

The HAPSTICK project, driven by Martin Stricker (ECAL), Harshdeep Sing (EPFL), Diane Thouvenin (ECAL), Jonathan Regef (EPFL), Nan Chen (EPFL), and Florian Josselin (EPFL), was born from field observations, patients and physicians interviews, while the prototyping stage was accelerated in Shenzhen, China. It has been rewarded by the XGrant EPFL 2020 and the 2020 Start Competition 1st prize.

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