Featured FIELD workshops

In this single-day design fiction workshop, 47 students from the China Hardware Innovation Camp (CHIC) programme and 16 students from the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) discussed Hong Kong future societal scenarios through fictional objects, product/ service as if it already existed or had occurred. This workshop aimed to stimulate imagination and critical thinking towards the relation between technological innovation and society.

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2018-2019 – “Cheaper is better. Really?” workshop with ARTOP designers, Shenzhen

Exploring cultural, economical and political differences in innovation with a leading Chinese product design firm in Shenzhen. In mixed teams, the participants were asked to redesign CHIC projects for the Chinese markets and ARTOP products for Europe. This design sprint aimed to help participants question their cultural assumptions and how that might impact creativity.

During this 5-day summer school in partnership with Logitech, 20 students from EPFL, ECAL and UNIL worked in interdisciplinary teams on generating new and creative ideas to explore the concept of nomadic work, prototype user experiences and test them with potential users.

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