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Filming "Rupture" © 2024 EPFL

Film “Rupture” wins prize for best SHS master's project

— The 30-minute science fiction film “Rupture” by students Marc Domenjoz, Matthieu Gachet, Juliette Hars, and Lucas Romano presents viewers with a not-so-distant future where technology is used to control population and human behavior.

Beatrice Vaienti © 2024 EPFL/Alain Herzog - CC-BY-SA 4.0

“An opportunity to discover a hidden layer of historical information”

— Beatrice Vaienti, doctoral assistant in digital humanities at EPFL, uses computational tools to study errors in 19th century maps of Jerusalem.

David Javet © 2024 EPFL/Alain Herzog - CC-BY-SA 4.0

“What you can say through the languages of games”

— A new EPFL course from the College of Humanities (CDH), “Game design and prototyping”, taught by game designer David Javet, will start in the 2024 spring semester. Part of the CDH master’s in digital humanities, this course takes students through the process of conceiving, designing, and evaluating a game of their own over the course of a semester.

© 2024 EPFL/Stephanie Parker - CC-BY-SA 4.0

Digital humanities master's program organizes the first DH Alumni Day

— In November 2023, the College of Humanities master’s in digital humanities organized the first DH Alumni Day. The event brought over 15 DH alumni back to campus to present to current and prospective students and one another what they are doing now and how their masters in Digital Humanities have helped them on their career and academic paths.

Sarah Oppenheimer, resident artist in the CDH Enter the Hyper-Scientific program, with PhD student Simon Jeter from the Laboratory for Intelligent Systems (LIS) © 2024 EPFL/Alain Herzog - CC-BY-SA 4.0

A source of mutual inspiration for artists and scientists

— EPFL is currently host to three artists for the 2023/24 edition of the College of Humanities Artist-in-Residence program “Enter the Hyper-Scientific”. Each spent three months visiting labs and working with scientists to create works that answer both artistic and scientific questions. These works will be exhibited at Pavilion A in early 2024.

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