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Marianna Fenzi to join LHST for Future Food project

— Marianna Fenzi is currently a visiting research scholar at the University of California, Berkeley in the United States. On December 15, she will join the Lab for the History of Science and Technology (LHST), led by Professor Jérôme Baudry, for a three-year research project on agrobiodiversity.

EPFL spin-off makes its mark in virtual reality

— OZWE Games – an EPFL spin-off that develops virtual-reality games – won the 2019 Swiss National Business of the Year Award and will be one of the companies representing Switzerland in the European Business Awards finals on 3–4 December.

High School Students Discover Digital Humanities

— During one week this November, two high school students stepped into the shoes of researchers at EPFL, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, and discovered the universe of Digital Humanities, and what it means to do research at the intersection of computer science and humanities.

A conversation with EPFL's artist-in-residence

— Nora Al-Badri talks about her unique work at the intersection of art, artificial intelligence, and cultural heritage. She is the first artist in a new residency program administered by the College of Humanities (CDH), and operationalized by ArtLab, which will host an exhibition of Al-Badri’s work next year.

Infinity Room 2: EPFL's 50 years in eight installations

— Infinity Room 2 is the second chapter of a two-part exhibition at ArtLab in honor of EPFL’s 50th anniversary this year. Eight installations, ranging from the photographic to the augmented, provide an interactive experience of the school’s academic, cultural, and architectural evolution, and bring a new dimension to institutional archives.

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