Our CDH-Culture program consists of music, dance, performance art and modern art. We strive to offer high-quality events – sometimes in conjunction with other arts and cultural organizations – to the EPFL community as well as the general public.

Learning Dahu, performance dansée de la Cie Philippe Saire au Rolex Learning Center EPFL en 2014. Photo: Philippe Weissbrodt

CDH-Culture events

Some of our events are put together by teachers and students, while others, in a variety of formats, showcase both up-and-coming talent and experienced artists. Events are selected based on their ability to expand viewers’ knowledge, address modern challenges from a new perspective, and spur new ways of thinking and forms of creativity.

Free tickets

At, you can enter to win free tickets to plays, concerts, exhibitions and more. These offers are available only to EPFL students and staff and are updated almost daily, so be sure to check back often. Over 3,500 free tickets were given out in 2019 by around 70 local cultural organizations.

Art installations on campus

CDH-Culture manages 19 art installations on EPFL’s Lausanne campus. In 2019, we cleaned and restored Echodrome (1985), by Gillian White and Albert Siegenthaler, and added two new pieces – La Pulpeuse (1973) by Antoine Poncet and Figur III (1961) by Hans Aeschbacher – which are on loan from the Swiss Federal Office of Culture.