EPFL Bachelor students

You are an EPFL Bachelor student and you are interested in Digital Humanities?

There are different ways you can get acquainted with the field and meet some of our DH people.

The Master of Science in Digital Humanities is an engineering title. Our students graduate as Engineers in Digital Humanities.

Semester projects for EPFL Bachelor students

All our DH Labs offer semester projects that are either directly oriented to Bachelor students, or that can be adapted to fit their needs.

Take a look at the projects offered below, and don’t hesitate to contact the labs and the groups:

Projects in Research Groups

Lausanne Time Machine

Cows parading in Switzerland


SHS classes for Bachelor students

Several Bachelor level SHS classes are given in DH fields, some of them by DH Faculty.

Below is a list of SHS classes you can take during your Bachelor years if you would like to have a taste of DH.

Second year BA3

Second Year BA4

Third year BA5

Third year BA6

Summer in the Lab for Bachelor students

The Summer in the Lab internship program aims at creating a bridge between education and research by offering 2nd or 3rd year EPFL Bachelor’s students a summer internship that will sharpen their focus, strengthen their CV and allow them to immerse themselves in real research.

The Digital and Cognitive Musicology Laboratory hosts Bachelor students as part of this program.

DH Community