Art, culture and society

The third major mission of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences is to serve as a bridge between scientists, intelligentsia, artists and the general public.

To do this, the College relies on the EPFL Pavilions team, which produces and presents ambitious exhibitions in its Pavilions A and B; on the CDH-Culture, which ensures a varied artistic program ; on the journalist Anne Laure Gannac, who, through LUNCHenPHILO and podcast series, invites specialists and the general public to reflect between science and philosophy; and finally, on “Enter the Hyper-Scientific” the Artist in Residence program which invites Swiss and international artists to realize visionary projects in dialogue with EPFL’s scientific community.

The CDH-Culture also manages a platform for competitions to win tickets for shows and is responsible for preserving and promoting the fixed works of art on campus, most of which resonate with the architecture of the buildings.

Learn more about the exhibitions and events taking place at EPFL Pavilions, on EPFL’s Lausanne campus.

Learn more about CDH-Culture’s line-up of music, dance, performance art and modern art.

Learn more about our Artist-in-Residence program, which is designed to build ties between art, science and the digital culture.

One lunchtime a month, scientists, artists and/or philosophers are invited for a face-to-face discussion on a philosophical or scientific theme. Discussions are generally held in French.

These face-to-face exchanges offer a delightful series of portraits and intimate investigations between a journalist and renowned scientists. It’s a great way of approaching a notion through different disciplines and from a wide variety of angles.

Les Culturelles festival offers an array of events that investigate certain global issues from the perspective of the arts and humanities.

Learn how you can win free tickets to local performances and get more information about events taking place at EPFL and across the region.

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