Art, culture and society

At the College of Humanities (CDH), we provide a forum for building bridges between culture and teaching, between art and innovation, and between student life and new technology.

Our cultural activities are carried out mainly through EPFL Pavilions, which serves as an artistic hub for the EPFL community and the general public. ArtLab gives our School the perfect place for hosting large exhibitions as well as smaller events like concerts, projection art, artistic performances and conferences.

Our CDH-Culture program puts on a variety of events across campus for EPFL students, researchers and staff to enjoy. The program also runs a website where students and staff members can win free tickets to shows throughout the Lake Geneva region. CDH-Culture is responsible for managing and promoting various art installations on campus.

As early as 2021, the College of Humanities launches its THEMA project: each year, to explore a notion via the humanities and hard sciences through various activities involving students, teachers, researchers and the general public.

Learn more about the exhibitions and events taking place at EPFL Pavilions, on EPFL’s Lausanne campus.

Learn more about CDH-Culture’s line-up of music, dance, performance art and modern art.

Learn more about our Artist-in-Residence program, which is designed to build ties between art, science and the digital culture. Call open for 2022 residencies, deadline: November 29, 2021

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THEMA 2021: Uncertainty

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The first edition THEMA 2021 deals with the notion of uncertainty. Throughout the year, podcasts, philosophy hour, improvisation and writing workshops, video games events and conferences will allow to deepen the questions related to this theme.

Free tickets to win

Learn how you can win free tickets to local performances and get more information about events taking place at EPFL and across the region.

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