Research at CDH

Research at CDH is conducted through our two institutes:

Researchers at IAGS study what the real-world conditions are like for people who live in different geopolitical climates. Their work spans a range of topics including urban anthropology, cultural heritage, historical archives, urban culture and innovation, climate change, teaching methods and engineering.

DHI was founded to explore how methods from other fields – such as data science, computer science and engineering – can be applied to the human sciences.

CDH also runs the Collaborative Research on Science and Society (CROSS) program, which brings together researchers from EPFL and UNIL to address today’s key technological and societal challenges.

In 2019 we introduced a visiting professor program at our labs and research centers to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing with universities around the world.

Digital Humanities Institute (DHI)

World class interdisciplinary research in digital humanities with a local and global perspective

ChineseNewTown Flagship

Institute for Area and Global Studies (IAGS)

Research exploring the socio-political, cultural, economic, and technological dimensions of global phenomenons

Collaborative Research on Science and Society (CROSS)

UNIL-EPFL research projects exploring contemporary socio-technical challenges