CDH Council

The CDH Council is the body exercising participation rights in the sense of Art. 32 of the Federal Act on the Federal Institutes of Technology (FIT Act). It provides comprehensive information to and ensures the participation of CDH members’ groups. It expresses its opinion on strategic proposals regarding education programs, research and planning. It is the body in charge of hearing proposals from CDH members.

EPFL Direction validated the creation of the first CDH Council on 10 October, 2023. The CDH Council will operate on a transitional phase until 30 August, 2024. Members serve in their personal capacity.



  • Prof. Frederic Kaplan, CDH Director


  • Alicia Foucart

Students body, nominated by the AGEPoly:

  • Hannah Casey
  • Romane Clerc

Intermediate body, nominated by the ACIDE:

  • Johannes Hentschel
  • Véronique Mauron Layaz
  • Yuchen Yang

Teaching body, nominated by the APEL:

  • Florence Graezer Bideau
  • Roland Tormey (associated member)

Administrative and technical body, nominated by the APC:

  • Stephanie Parker
  • Jocelyne Vassalli
  • Nicolas Mermoud-Ghraich

> Directive concernant les Conseils de faculté (LEX 1.2.1)