Course & Exam Registration

IS-Academia is the tool to register to courses.

Registration is mandatory for all subjects.

Find the registration deadline in the academic calendar

All information regarding registration to courses and exams is to be found on the SAC website.

UNIL courses

DH Master students can take a selection of UNIL courses outside of the study plan as part of the options group.

Courses at UNIL are all given in French.

Please contact the DH section for information of which courses are pre-authorised and how many credits can be taken.

For any other courses you wish to follow at UNIL, please make a request to the DH Section before registering.

Registering for UNIL courses

Please click here to access the EPFL SAC page that tells you how to register to these courses from EPFL side. Please see “Subjects outside of the study plan”.

For UNIL, please follow these steps:

For the “Art contemporain et cultures numériques” class:

Complete the form « Inscription d’un étudiant externe » available on this page and send it to: [email protected]

For the “Enjeux sociaux et politiques d’Internet” class:
Complete the two forms: «  Formulaire d’inscription à un enseignement pour les étudiant·e·s qui ne peuvent s’inscrire via internet » and « Formulaire d’inscription à une évaluation pour les étudiant·e·s qui ne peuvent s’inscrire via internet » available on this page and send them to:  [email protected]

Watch a video on the digital humanities master at UNIL

Wondering what the DH Master is at UNIL, watch this video (in French).