Course & Exam Registration

IS-Academia is the tool to register to courses.

Registration is mandatory for all subjects.

Find the registration deadline in the academic calendar

Registration to exams

The exam registration is automatically generated by IS-Academia following your registration to the courses.

Nota bene: This means that no registration to the courses = no registration to exams.

Withdrawal from exams

If you wish to withdraw from a course, you have to withdraw from the exam.

When you withdraw from the exam before the deadline, it will be considered that you did not take the given course, and the course will therefore not appear in your transcript.

If you do not withdraw from the exam before the deadline, the course will appear in your transcript, either with the grade you get at the exam or with a “n/a” (fail) if you do not go to the exam.

Find the withdrawal deadline in the academic calendar

UNIL courses

DH Master students can take a selection of UNIL courses outside of the study plan as part of the options group. According to the rules, a maximum of 8 credits can be taken outside of the study plan.

Courses at UNIL are all given in French.

Courses that DH Master students can take for the 2019-2020 academic year at UNIL are the following:

Introduction à l’épistémologie du numérique – Nicolas Baya Laffite, Boris Beaude – Fall – 3 credits
Ingénierie documentaire – Michael Piotrowski – Fall – 6 ECTS
Humanités numériques – origines, définitions, développements – Michael Piotrowski – Spring – 3 ECTS

Registering for UNIL courses

Please click here to access the EPFL SAC page that tells you how to register to these courses. Please see “Subjects outside of the study plan”.