dhelta UNIL-EPFL

“dhelta UNIL-EPFL” is the association of UNIL and EPFL digital humanities students. The association aims:

  • to contribute to the epistemology of the Digital Humanities by sharing experiences and scientific knowledge;
  • to facilitate the integration of students and researchers in  the Digital Humanities communities of UNIL and EPFL.

The association also seeks to defend the interests of all students studying digital humanities, and to organize debates, conferences and other events.

Goals of dhelta UNIL-EPFL

  1. Establish the Digital Humanities community and its identity
  2. Contribute to the Digital Humanities epistemology by sharing scientific experiences and knowledge
  3. Facilitate the integration of students and researchers into the Digital Humanities community and EPFL
  4. Rise awareness about the Digital Humanities Institute projects
  5. Organize activities fostering intellectual debates about the Digital Humanities
  6. Encourage scientific discussions between peers working in Digital Humanities at national and international levels
  7. Promote exchanges between people and labs working in Digital Humanities within and outside the EPFL
  8. Promote cultural events to reinforce the DH community


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